Land Valuation Division (LVD)

According to section 22 of the Lands Commission Act (Act 767), the functions of the Land Valuation Division are:

  • Assessing the compensation payable upon acquisition of land by the Government;
  • Assessment of stamp duty;
  • Determining the values of properties rented, purchased, sold or leased by or to Government;
  • Preparation and maintenance of valuation list for rating purposes;
    Valuation of interests in land or land related interests for the general public at a fee;
  • Valuation of interests in land for the administration of estate duty;
    Other functions determined by the Commission



Dr. Theodora Mantebea Mends holds a BSc Degree in Land Economy (KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana), an MSc Degree in Urban Land Administration (ITC, Enschede, the Netherlands) and a PhD in Business Administration from Nobel International Business School in Accra, Ghana.

She has considerable training and twenty-six years of experience in Land reforms, Administration and Management in Ghana. She also has extensive knowledge and experience in General and Compensations Valuations, Land Documentation and Title Registration. She has worked in a number of regions and committees involved with the development and implementation of land policy reforms, administration and compensations, including the digitalization of land administration work processes, valuation of movable and immovable properties and land information systems for Lands Commission of Ghana.

In addition to this, Dr. Mends is a Fellow of Ghana Institution of Surveyors and Member of the Board of Examiners at the Valuation and Estate Surveying (VES) Division.  She has had country experiences in Netherlands, the United States and Nigeria in West Africa.  She is an Affiliate Member of the International Federation of Surveyors and African Society of Real Estate Surveyors.

Dr. Theodora Mends has attended and presented several academic papers at international conferences such as at the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) 2006 and African Real Estate Society (AfRES) 2012. Others are International Conference on Entrepreneurship Business & Technology (ICEBUT) Accra, Ghana 2017and Nobel International Business School (NiBS), International Business & Management Conference 2021, Accra Ghana (IBMC, 2021).

She is currently the Director of the Land Valuation Division.