Survey & Mapping Division (SMD)

According to section 20 of the Lands Commission Act (Act 767) the functions of the Survey and Mapping Division are as follows:

  • Supervise, regulate and control the survey and demarcation of land for the purposes of land use and land registration;
  • Take custody of and preserve records and operations relating to the survey of any parcel of land;
  • Direct and supervise the conduct of trigonometric, hydrographic and topographical surveys;
  • Coordinate the preparation of plans from the data derived from survey and any amendment of the plans;
  • Coordinate the production of photogrammetric surveys (aerial photography, orthophoto mapping, etc
  • Survey, map and maintain the national territorial boundaries including maritime boundaries;
  • Develop and maintain the national geodetic reference network for the country;
  • Supervise, regulate, control and certify the production of maps;
  • Other functions determined by the Commission.



Naa Abukari Abudulai is a Ghanaian geospatial professional born on October 3, 1964.

He holds a MSc. in Geo-information Management from ITC, Netherlands, specializing in Land Administration and Cadastral Applications, and an MSc. in Photogrammetry from Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography, Russia.

With a Certificate/HND in Surveying from Ghana Survey School, he is a member of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors.

Currently serving as Chief Geomatic Engineer and Director of Survey, Naa Abukari has played a key role in projects like the Global Mapping Project and the Ghana Environmental Resource Management Project. His expertise extends to strategic dependency analysis for Land Administration Organizations.

As the Chairman of the AFRIGIST Governing Council, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the Survey & Mapping Division of the Lands Commission. Naa Abukari Abudulai brings a wealth of experience to the field of geospatial information science and technology.