0302 429760 / 0302 429762


  • Application on Letter Head of Licensed Surveyor addressed to Director, Survey and Mapping Division or his/her representative
  • Full name of Licensed Surveyor’s Client
  • Region, District and Locality of parcel
  • Three (3) Control Points to be used as points of departure and closure
  • Licensed Surveyor’s Signature
  • Licensed Surveyor’s Number
  • Contacts/Telephone Number of Licensed Surveyor
  • Date of Letter

ADDITIONALLY, LICENSED SURVEYOR MUST SUBMIT BIOGRAPHIC DATA OF HIS OR HER CLIENT AS FOLLOWS; (Bio-data form to be obtained at Front Desk of CSAU during application for Regional Number)

  • Name of Licensed Surveyor’s client
  • Gender of Client
  • Nationality of Licensed Surveyor’s client
  • Address/House Number of Licensed Surveyor’s client
  • Copy of Photo ID of Client (Passport/Voter’s ID/Driving License/ National ID)
  • Mobile Telephone Number of Licensed Surveyor’s Client
  • E-mail address of Licensed Surveyor’s Client if any.