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 The Document/Instrument being submitted for registration must clearly show the following:

  • Stamped (Stamp Duty duly paid)
  • Date of instrument
  • Nature of Instrument (Title of document)
  • Names and addresses of parties
  • Signature of parties
  • Names and addresses of witnesses
  • Signature of witnesses
  • Solicitor’s Stamp/Seal
  • Approved plan ( Certified judgment plan if nature of instrument is Judgment)
  • The following information on site plan must be the same in document:
    •  Name of owner
    •  Land size and location of land
  • Licensed Surveyor’s and Director, Survey and Mapping Division’s signatures and date
  • Back of the site plan must be signed by the parties
  • Signature of witnesses of parties with addresses
  • Jurat (if document is thumb printed, etc)
  • Oath of Proof must be executed
  • Deponent must be completed by grantor’s witness
  • Planning Comments/Approval with extracts from layout from Town and Country Planning Department (Stool Lands Only)
  • All supporting /recited documents must be attached
  • Evidence of Concurrence/Consent (Stool and State Lands subsequent transactions)
  • Original Land Certificate of transferor (For transfer of whole