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  • Application letter signed by the assignor(s) /sub lessor(s) or his/her/their authorized representative with a Power of Attorney.
  • A copy of the draft assignment/sublease document
  • A copy of applicant’s title document (optional)
  • A copy of applicant’s valid photo ID
  • A copy of evidence of legal existence (certificate to Commence business and Incorporation) and certificate of annual renewal (where assignee/sub lessee is a company) plus a copy of photo ID of Company’s representative
  • A copy of company’s resolution to assign/sublet (where assignor/sub lessor(s) is a company)
  • An approved site plan clearly showing the subdivision (if part transfer) and a copy of old site plan (if applicant has earlier processed a document with an unapproved plan)
  • A subdivision approval from Town and Country Planning Department with an extract from the layout (If part transfer)