kofi_pokuMr. Kofi Owusu Poku obtained his Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Land Economy in 1984. He also holds a Masters of Science degree in Geoinformation Systems for Rural Applications at the Wageningen Agricultural University/ ITC in the Netherlands. He also has a certificate in Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Natural Resources. Readmore…

Functions of the PVLMD

According to section 23 of the Lands Commission Act (Act 767), the functions of the Public and Vested Lands Management Division are:

  • Facilitating the acquisition of land for Government;
  • Managing state acquired and vested lands in conformity with approved land use plans;
  • Other functions determined by the Commission.
Vision and Mission
  • To attain optimum efficiency and effectiveness in the administration and management of public and other lands through a robust land service delivery.
  • To manage public lands effectively so as to ensure easy and secure access for all types of land uses and contribute to socio-economic development.
  • We treat customers and each other with integrity, respect, and professionalism
  • We are all one team – working together towards a common vision.
  • We strive for open, clear, and honest internal and external communication.
  • We are committed to personal and organizational accountability and responsibility.
  • We are sensitive to the long-term impacts of our decisions.
  • We recognize staff as our greatest asset and encourage personal and professional growth.
  • We continuously improve our processes.
  • We provide quality customer service
  • We strive for a balance among competing uses and long term protection of natural resources.
  • We respect the trust responsibilities which govern the land and resources entrusted to our care.
Organizational Goals
  • Protect, restore, enhance, and preserve resources on State Lands
  • Manage State lands to generate revenues, enhance the economy, and assure ongoing viability of the resource while protecting the environment.
  • Achieve excellence and improve efficiency and effectiveness of the Commission operations.
  • Create better public understanding about the Commission’s responsibilities and programs.
  • Obtain funding for Commission Policy priorities
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