The Lands Commission organized a day’s forum for News Editors to brief them on the New Land Act,2020(Act 1036 on Wednesday, 3rd August 2022 at the Central Hotel, Accra.

The Deputy Minister responsible for Lands and Forestry, Hon. Benito Owusu-Bio commended the participants for attending the forum which sought to orient the senior Journalists on the New Land Act.

He maintained that the ongoing orientation exercise for key stakeholders will help shape the reformation and transformation agenda of the Lands Commission, adding that the New Land Act is serving as a key catalyst for growth and development in Ghana.

He also asked Editors to help in spreading the good works of the Commission and not always riding on the negative stories people post.

Mr. James Dadson, the Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission also touched on the General Overview of the Lands Commission where he spoke about the mandate of the Commission and the functions of all four (4) divisions of the Commission.

He also urged the editors to help educate the public on the functions of the Commission as they recognize the Media as an important tool.

Chairperson of the Greater Accra Lands Commission, Madam Yvonne Sowah in a statement, entreated the Editors who are Agenda Setters and Gatekeepers who control the content, to use their platforms to educate the masses and ensure that quality information is disseminated to the citizenry. She furthermore noted that forming a partnership with them is a step in the right direction and assured them that there shall be more such interactions.

Educating the Editors in some sections of the land Act, the Greater Accra Regional Lands Officer, Surv. Timothy Anyidoho Esq. touched on section 12 (1) Protection of Land Interest in Land (Land Guards)

SECTION 9 (2): Creation of Freehold Interest.

A person shall not create an interest in or right over any stool, skin, clan, or family land that vest in that person, another person, or body of persons a freehold interest in that land, howsoever described.


Electronic Conveyancing. A transfer of land or an interest in land is required to be made by a conveyance, that transfer is lawfully made if the transfer is by an electronic conveyance.

SECTION 98 (1): Resolution of Land Dispute.

An action concerning any land or interest in land in a registration district shall not be commenced in any court unless the procedures for resolution under Alternative Dispute Resolution Act, 2010 (Act 798) have been exhausted.

Section 14: Customary Land Secretariat

  1. (1) A stool or skin or clan or family that owns land shall in accordance with this Act, establish a Customary   Land   Secretariat as prescribed by Regulations made under this Act for the management of its land.

(2)  The Lands Commission and the Office of the Administrator of Stool lands shall collaborate in the establishment and performance of functions in relation to a Customary Land Secretariat under this Act.

(3)  The Lands Commission and the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands shall provide technical and advisory services in the establishment of a Customary   Land Secretariat.

Section 47: Restrictions on transfer of land by Spouse

a spouse shall not sell, exchange, transfer, mortgage or lease the land, right or interest in the land; enter into a contract; give away the land, right or interest or enter into any other transaction in relation to the land, right or interest in the land without the written consent of the other.

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