In an effort to promote understanding and adherence to the new Land Act 2020 (ACT 1036), the Lands Commission on Wednesday 28th June 2023 engaged the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) at their Annual National Delegates Conference on the Land Act and other related land issues.

The event held at the Royal House Chapel (Oil Dome City) had in attendance key representatives from various member churches under the GPCC.

The objective of this sensitization program was to equip the religious leaders with the necessary knowledge and insights into the Land Act, fostering a culture of responsible land ownership and management within their congregations.

Surv. Timothy Anyidoho Esq., Ag.Greater Accra Regional Lands Officer who led the delegation  commenced the presentation by highlighting the importance of the Land Act in the house of God, Ghana’s development and the role of the Lands Commission in overseeing land administration.

He emphasized that a comprehensive understanding of the Act was crucial to avoid land disputes, illegal transactions, and encroachments, which have plagued the country in recent years.

During the interactive session, Surv. Anyidoho elucidated the provisions of the Land Act, focusing on key areas such as land acquisition, ownership, registration, and dispute resolution.

He touched on some sections of the Land Act which includes:

SECTION 9(2) ‘’ which states that, A person shall not create an interest in or right over any stool, skin, clan or family land that vest in that person, another person or body of persons a freehold interest in that land, however described.

SECTION 14-18 made provision for the Establishment of Customary Land Secretariat. In his presentation, it became succinct that, A stool or Skin, Clan or family that owns land shall in accordance with this Act, establish a Customary Land Secretariat as prescribed by regulations made under this Act for the management of its land.

SECTION 98(1): RESOLUTION OF LAND DISPUTES. An action concerning any land or interest in land in registration district shall not be commenced in any court unless the procedure for resolution under Alternative Dispute Resolution Act, 2010 Act 798 have been exhausted.

SECTION 47: RESTRICTIONS ON TRANSFER OF LAND BY SPOUSE.  A spouse shall not, in respect of right or interest in land acquire for valuable consideration during marriage: a) Sell, exchange, transfer, mortgage or lease the land, right or interest in the land.     b) Enter into a contract for the sale, exchange, transfer, mortgage, or lease of the land, right or interest in the land. c) Give away right in the land inter vivo.                                 d) Enter into any other transaction in relation to the land, right or interest in the land without the written consent of the spouse, which shall not be unreasonable withheld.

He also provided practical examples and case studies to illustrate the potential pitfalls and consequences of non-compliance with the Act.

Recognizing the influence of religious leaders in their respective communities, Surv. Anyidoho urged the participants to disseminate the knowledge gained during the session to their congregations. He emphasized the importance of preaching responsible land ownership, adherence to legal procedures, and the avoidance of fraudulent activities related to land transactions.

Pastor. Immanuel Tettey, General Secretary of the GPCC, expressed gratitude to the Lands Commission for engaging the congregation in this informative session.

He highlighted the significance of the event in equipping religious leaders with the necessary tools to guide their congregations in land-related matters.

Pastor. Tettey pledged the GPCC’s commitment to promoting responsible land ownership and called on other religious bodies to collaborate in this endeavor.The sensitization session concluded with a lively question-and-answer segment, where the participants had the opportunity

to seek further clarification on specific aspects of the Land Act.

Copies of the Land Act were donated.









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