Si Wodan, a popular show on CTV focusing on real estate and land-related issues, in collaboration with Forever Constructions and Consultancy Limited (FCCL) and the Lands Commission of Ghana, held its second edition of a public engagement event. The event aimed to raise public awareness and interest in real estate and land issues.

The event, themed “Affordable Lands, Houses for All,” took place at the Christ the King Parish Hall. It began with a warm welcome address by Mrs. Odilia Alumsi Agyare, who set the stage for an insightful exploration of Ghana’s land system. Mrs. Agyare, along with FCCL representatives, provided an extensive overview of the program, underscoring its importance in enhancing public understanding and awareness.

Surv. Raphael Hockey Esq., Head of Regional Operations at the Lands Commission, addressed the legal aspects of land acquisition and registration, highlighting the core mandate and business processes of the Commission.

Mr. Jacob Adofo Ansong, President of the Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers (GAREB) and Director of Radof Properties Consult delivered a thought-provoking presentation on the causes of land litigations and offered insights into alternative dispute resolution strategies.

Mrs. Agyare expressed her gratitude for the knowledge shared and thanked all participants for their time. She urged attendees to follow the due processes taught to avoid land litigation issues.

This landmark event was instrumental in bringing together stakeholders and experts to enhance public awareness and understanding of Ghana’s intricate land system. As attendees left the Christ the King Parish Hall, the shared knowledge echoed, fostering a renewed commitment to navigating the complexities of land ownership in the country.





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