In a landmark event held at the prestigious MJ Grand Hotel in East Legon on 20th July 2023, the Africa Real Estate Investment Seminar 2023, investors from Ghana and across the globe were fed with useful and sufficient information about the myriad of lucrative opportunities existing in the Ghanaian and African property market space and how they can leverage on them to create wealth and expand their businesses.

The seminar, featuring a line-up of renowned experts, investors and decision-makers both in the private and public sectors and in real estate industry of various African countries, focused on guiding investors towards responsible and profitable investments in the African market.

Mr. Timothy Anyidoho Esq., the Regional Lands Officer of Greater Accra Lands Commission, captivated the audience with his expertise in land administration focusing more on the proper way to acquire and register land in the country and placing premium on due diligence before any investment because land is a huge investment and be handled with highest level of caution.

Mr. Anyidoho’s speech exposed participants more to the importance of due diligence for all potential land buyers, cautioning them against rushing into deals without thorough investigations.

“Investors, whether local or foreign, must understand the regulations that govern land ownership and dynamics, he emphasized, “and for foreigners, it is crucial to be aware of the 50-year lease restriction under Section 10 of the Land Act.”

He further elaborated on the significance of conducting searches at the Lands Commission to ascertain the ownership of any parcel of land within the country,

With the room filled with interested parties and industry shot-callers who were listening with bated-breadth, Lawyer Anyidoho delved into the intricacies of large tracts of land ownership, highlighting the necessity of community participation and involvement. “When dealing with extensive land plots,” he advised, “it is vital to engage with the Lands Commission (LC) and the community to gain a comprehensive understanding of the land’s history and communal ownership. The Land Act he explained has outlined the process of large-scale acquisition.

He urged the participants to abreast themselves with the provisions in the Act. This fosters a positive relationship with the community and helps investors make informed decisions.”

He further advised the real estate owners to register their interest with the Commission before transferring to other potential buyers.

He noted that, this is usually relegated to the background and poses serious problems for buyers in the future. He touched on sections that talk about Spousal Rights, protection of Land and Interest on Land and other relevant provisions in the Land Act.

Another crucial aspect Mr. Anyidoho was the significance of proper title registration. “Registering titles in Accra and relevant regions is essential to secure your investment,” he warned. “For those considering mortgage options, having a well-documented title is critical. A proper land title facilitates smoother transactions and ensures investors can sell their properties with ease, avoiding unnecessary struggles in the future.”

The Africa Real Estate Investment Seminar 2023 provided a platform for investors to gain valuable knowledge, network with industry experts, and gain insights into Africa’s thriving real estate market.

As the seminar came to a close, attendees left with a newfound sense of confidence and awareness, ready to explore the vast potential the African continent had to offer for responsible real estate investments.



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