Lands Commission sensitizes staff of CSIR

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) staff in Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana, recently had the incredible opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of various land-related matters during an enlightening and informative session that took place at the CSIR-Food Research Institute (Shiashie) on Monday, 28th August 2023.

The session, which was expertly led by Surv. Pearl Rockson, a highly experienced Senior Land Administration Officer, covered a wide range of crucial topics, including the Core mandate of the Lands Commission, the processes involved in land acquisition, management, and registration, some sections of the Land Act, and some land-related issues.

Surv. Pearl Rockson’s captivating and comprehensive presentation shed light on the need to do proper due diligence before entering into any land transaction, the acquisition and registration processes, and a host of land-related issues.

She cautioned the staff not to be very vigilant and ensure that they register their interest with the Commission to secure title to their lands which gives them maximum protection and reduces litigations.

Moreover, the session highlighted the progressive and forward-thinking initiative of the Commission aimed at enhancing service delivery and reducing the frustrations of people who transact business with the Commission.

One of the focal points of the session also revolved around the Land Act, a legislative masterpiece that plays a major role in revolutionizing land administration in Ghana.

Surv. Pearl Rockson diligently interpreted the various sections and provisions of the act, ensuring that the CSIR staff gained a profound understanding of its implications and the impact it has on the land administration in the country.

The session was not only incredibly informative but also highly interactive and engaging.

The CSIR staff had the opportunity to pose questions and seek clarification on intricate matters such as double sales, land disputes, issues of land guards, and the processes involved in land registration. Surv. Pearl Rockson’s expertise and willingness to address these queries head-on provided the CSIR staff with invaluable insights and practical guidance on navigating potential challenges and ensuring strict adherence to the established regulations.

The CSIR management expressed their heartfelt gratitude and deep appreciation to the Lands Commission for organizing such an enlightening and educating session.








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