Fire outbreaks have become a regular occurrence in the country with thousands of lives and properties being lost, creating serious economic problems for families and the entire country.

It is against this backdrop that Management has given some staff and security personnel of the Commission some training to equip them with the requisite skills and knowledge on how to prevent and combat fire outbreaks.

This training took place today 5th September 2023 at the CSIR headquarters in Accra. Led by Station Officer Grade 1, Ebenezer Narh Tetteh, this training delved into the fundamentals of fire, prevention measures, and emergency response procedures.

Mr. Narh Tetteh began the training by explaining the science behind fires, describing them as rapid chemical reactions involving the oxidation of a fuel source in the presence of oxygen. He emphasized that understanding this process is vital in effectively combating fires.

The session then focused on basic fire safety practices, including fire prevention. Mr. Narh Tetteh stressed the importance of reducing fire risks by properly storing flammable materials and conducting regular maintenance of electrical systems. He emphasized that installing smoke detectors and fire alarms is a best practice for early warnings and knowing how to use fire extinguishers for small fires is essential.

A key highlight of the training was a video demonstration of evacuation plans. Participants learned how to develop and practice escape routes in case of a fire outbreak, ensuring the safety of all occupants.

D01 Faustina Nelson-Asiedu discussed the broader aspects of fire safety management. She outlined a comprehensive approach, including fire risk assessment, emergency planning and training, maintaining fire protection systems, and adhering to relevant fire safety regulations and standards.

Ms. Nelson-Asiedu emphasized that fire incidents often result from carelessness, ignorance, or natural occurrences, all of which can be mitigated through rigorous prevention measures.

In her closing remarks, she underscored the importance of fire safety and emergency response procedures, emphasizing their role in protecting buildings, occupants, and belongings from fire risks. Practical exercises were also conducted following the training, overseen by FM Dickson Tetteh Adjoka.

With this comprehensive fire safety training, officers and security personnel at the Commission are better equipped to safeguard the premises, minimize fire risks, and respond effectively in the event of a fire emergency.




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