The Deputy Minister, Hon. Benito Owusu Bio, paid a visit to the Client Service and Access Unit (CSAU) of the Lands Commission to assess the progress of service enhancements within the organization. Accompanied by the Executive Secretary, the visit aimed to gauge the impact of recent changes in staffing and service delivery.

In a meeting with the Executive Secretary, Mr. Owusu Bio was briefed on the crucial decision to replace CSAU staff with a more qualified team.

The Acting Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission revealed plans that are far advanced by management to ensure clients access the services of the Commission more easily and enjoy the greatest form of customer service, stating that these set of officers have undergone intensive training to up their game and deliver quality service to the general public.

Mr. Arthur hinted that the reshuffling of the staff is part of the measures put in place to enhance the operations of the Lands Commission and this strategic move is expected to elevate the quality of services provided by the Lands Commission and streamline the process for land-related matters.

The Deputy Minister expressed his appreciation for this initiative, emphasizing the importance of efficient land administration for the nation’s development.

Mr. Chris Anibrika, the Head of CSAU, warmly received the Deputy Minister and the Executive Secretary. He highlighted the commitment of the CSAU to improving its services and ensuring greater transparency in land-related transactions. The newly assembled professional staff within CSAU is seen as a pivotal step toward achieving these goals.

During the visit, Hon. Benito Owusu Bio inspected various aspects of the CSAU’s operations, including their customer service procedures, document processing, and digitalization efforts. He commended the Lands Commission for its dedication to providing accessible and efficient services to the public.

The Deputy Minister’s visit underscores the government’s commitment to enhancing service delivery across all sectors, especially those that directly impact citizens’ lives.

The Lands Commission’s proactive measures to improve its services align with the government’s vision for a more efficient and responsive public administration.

This visit by Hon. Benito Owusu Bio serves as a reminder of the government’s dedication to promoting transparency, accountability, and efficiency within public institutions, ensuring that citizens can access vital services promptly and with ease.

The Lands Commission’s ongoing efforts to elevate its service standards are a positive step towards achieving this goal.

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