New officers of the Client Service Access unit (CSAU), of the Lands Commission are undergoing an intensive five-day training program at the prestigious Angel Hill Hotel in Accra.

The training program which commenced on Monday, September 11, 2023 is aimed at enhancing the proficiency of the staff in the use of the Enterprise Land Information System (ELIS), a software developed to ensure efficiency and speedy delivery of tasks.

The capacity building activity commenced with a warm welcome address by Mr. Timothy Anyidoho, the Regional Lands Officer for the Greater Accra Region who expressed his excitement about the program and its potential to made telling and transformational impact on how staff of the commission conduct their activities.

Acting Executive Secretary, Mr. Benjamin Arthur who was tasked with detailing the purpose and importance of the training stressed the need for a transformation at the CSAU and the entire Commission, noting that the changes in officers were part of Management ‘s efforts at introducing innovations and ensuring that the bid to reform and refresh the commission is on course.  Mr. Arthur urged the CSAU officers to embrace professionalism and contribute significantly to the Commission’s goals.

He noted that the Commission’s Reform Agenda encompasses all the practices that bring about change and ensuring that the Commission has robust and solution driven system and that the training is a step-in furtherance of that objective.

He reiterated management’s commitment to ensure the image of the Commission is redeemed and mentioned training and staff rotation as crucial steps to actualizing the vision.  He re-echoed that, staff who are properly trained and demonstrate proper customer service skills, can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

 The Chairman of the National Lands Commission, Lawyer Alex Quaynor, pressed home the importance of diligence by the staff in the execution of their duties and without mincing words, cautioned Officers against all activities that put the Commission’s name into disrepute. He was quick add that, the Commission would not hesitate to sanction officers who indulge in malfeasance or go against the set rules and regulations that govern the Commission’s operations, adding that the Code of Conduct should guide them. He called on all officers to take their responsibilities seriously to achieve the Commission’s objectives.

Mr. Patrick Andoh’s presentation exposed officers to a myriad of customer Relations issues such as knowing your Customer (KYC), treating each client with the utmost respect, and ensuring that they uphold their promises as the goal of the Commission depicts ” Client Satisfaction is our Goal”.

According to him, this is a pledge to the public which must be kept and honored and should become a guiding principle of all staffs at the Commission.

He took time to explain the various types of customers that exist and the different strategies that can be adapted to handle them to ensure excellent customer service delivery as customers today have become more sophisticated and discerning.

According to the Expert, officers manning the front office should exhibit the greatest level of professionalism and endeavor to prioritize the customer’s needs and proffer solutions to them which is the ultimate.

A critical area he delved into was the area of effective communication, which includes verbal and non-verbal communication. He and admonished them to be mindful of their actions and inactions as they all play a major role in communication. He urged the participants to stay focused and have a deeper understanding of the services the Commission provides and display uncommon courtesies which would go a long way to change the narrative.

He implored the staff to always have self-control and exercise restraint when handling customers. Mr. Andoh recognized the need for officers to not only understand communication theory but to practice it in real-life scenarios. He introduced practical demonstrations that allowed officers to apply their training in controlled environments, mirroring real-life situations they might encounter on duty.

One of Mr. Andoh’s most notable contributions was the creation of immersive scenarios where officers had to navigate tense encounters, de-escalate conflicts, and effectively communicate with individuals from diverse backgrounds. These scenarios provided invaluable hands-on experience that sharpened officers’ communication skills and decision-making abilities.

Day two of the training program for the new CSAU officers featured a detailed presentation on the General Introduction to the CSAU Software. Dr. Ben Quaye, the Head of SPU led the enlightening session that provided crucial insights into the operations of the Land Commission’s proprietary software.

He touched on core aspects of the CSAU Software. Among the key topics covered were the introduction of the ELIS, specific objectives associated with ELIS, the structural framework of CSAU, and the diverse functions that CSAU officers are entrusted with, including receiving billing and collection procedures.

The officers had the opportunity to seek clarification and further insights into the software and their responsibilities.

The indefatigable OPS team addressed all the concerns raised by these officers.

Further, to prepare the new officers for their roles, Madam Louisa Akrong a former staff at the CSAU was invited to share her invaluable experiences with the new officers.

Madam Louisa addressed specific issues raised by the new officers. Her extensive knowledge and experience allowed her to provide practical solutions and addressed the officers concerns appropriately.

This initiative by the Lands Commission demonstrates its commitment to improving service delivery and professionalism within the organization.

As CSAU officers undergo this training, it is expected that their enhanced skills will contribute to a more efficient and customer-centric Lands Commission.




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