The scenic city of Cape Coast is hosting the Annual Workshop for Legal Officers, focusing on the theme “The Role of Lands Commission Lawyers/Registrars in the Implementation of the Land Act, 2020 (Act 1036).” This four-day event, taking place at Pempamsie Hotel from September 6th to 9th, promises to be a significant gathering for legal professionals in the field of land management and law.

The event commenced on Wednesday, September 6th, with a warm welcome from Mr. Seth Boakye Owusu, the Regional Lands Officer for Cape Coast.

He stressed the importance of legal practitioners in ensuring effective implementation of the law to protect the rights of stakeholders. He also encouraged participants to actively engage, ask questions, and share experiences to promote justice and fairness in society. He concluded with a wish for the program to empower participants to champion equity and uphold the principles of the Land Act 2020.

Mr. Boakye’s address set the tone for the week-long discussions on the Land Act’s implementation.

The Chairman of the Central Regional Lands Commission, Mr. Kwame Kwaasi Danso in his speech also reiterated the need for collaboration with other government agencies, a move which is intended to help resolve issues related to litigation, and boundary disputes, and ensure transparency in land matters.

He further mentioned that, while the New Land Act holds promise for improving land registration procedures, the commission must embrace a new mindset and actively collaborate with other agencies to achieve its

objectives effectively.

The National Chairman Lawyer Alex Quaynor followed with opening remarks, highlighting the importance of the workshop in promoting understanding and effective application of the Land Act, 2020. The legal community anticipates that this event will foster better cooperation and coordination among Lands Commission lawyers and registrars.

The Head of Legal and Acting Solicitor Secretary delivered an insightful address, shedding light on the legal department’s crucial role in land management. Participants eagerly embraced the opportunity to gain deeper insights into their responsibilities in the field.

The Acting Executive Secretary Mr. Benjamin Arthur in his keynote address, elucidated the purpose of the gathering where he underscored the critical role that legal officers play in ensuring the Land Act, 2020, is implemented effectively to resolve land-related disputes and issues across the entire country.

A thought-provoking presentation by Mr. Bobby Banson on “Action against Nameless Persons”, where he touched on section 98 of the Land Act which dwells on the practical implications and significance of Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms.

In his presentation, Mr. Banson stated that Section 98 serves as a cornerstone for resolving land disputes efficiently and amicably, reducing the burden on

Ghana’s legal system.

He also touched on section 12(4) which states that, a person with interest in land may make an application to court for an interlocutory injunction against a trespasser on the name even though the name of the trespasser is unknown.

His expertise in dealing with this complex issue captivated the participants, prompting an engaging question and answer session.

The event promises more by enriching experiences in the coming days, with presentations on the overview of legal software and hands-on training in its usage. Additionally, various sessions will address critical matters affecting the legal department’s operations.

This Annual Workshop forms part of Management’s commitment to improving its land management practices, building the capacity of staff, and fostering legal expertise in the country.




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